Sustainable International Logistics

Sustainable Import, Export, & Warehousing Services

Rogers & Brown is committed to sustainable logistics and shipping practices both internally and externally, with a focus on improving awareness of our social and environmental impacts on the world. These practices reduce costs for our clients through sustainable customer-based solutions.


  • Improve our social and environmental impact on the world
  • Increase awareness on internal and external sustainable development requirements
  • Create and maintain CO2 emissions calculator to measure and reduce use
  • Embed sustainability in customer-based solutions
  • Reduce cost to our clients by utilizing a more sustainable process


  • Electronic documents to reduce paper use
  • Use of recycled paper
  • Installation of direct digital control units for HVAC unit
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Annual roof inspections to ensure that we have the most energy efficient roof on our building
  • Use of energy saver printers and copiers
  • Warehouse:
    • Bar coding system reduces paper consumption which is used for manual inventory processes
    • Large ceiling fans reduce heat stratification and provide air circulation


  • Optimization of our inbound and outbound flow to reduce fuel consumption and emissions (matching loads)
  • Insuring the safety and security of the goods being shipped
  • Utilize alternative fuel vehicles whenever possible
  • Utilizing rail instead of diesel trucks whenever possible
  • Following fumigation regulations to stop the spread of invasive organisms