Providing People-Powered, Supply Chain Solutions for Over 50 Years.

Rogers & Brown is a people-powered, international logistics company providing over 50 years of reliable and personalized supply chain solutions. Whether you’re experiencing rapid growth, importing, exporting, making domestic moves, warehousing or distributing, there's no problem too small or too great for us to solve. Connect with us. We’ll help you find your supply chain solution.

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Bringing Certainty to an Industry Where Much is Left to Chance.

We are a team of 100+ highly specialized, global logistics profesionals, dedicated to the success of our clients. With five decades of experience and our international network and overseas partners, our clients see us as much more than just another service provider. They see us as a trusted extension of their company and a critical link in their supply chain.

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Wallace Hester
Director of Sales
[email protected]

People-Powered Success

Tony Dantzler
I.T., Mad Scientist of Computer Repairs and Coin Club Geek

Selfless Service

I like being able to fix things--from small, simple issues, to bigger problems that seem daunting and unsolvable. I think we’re all like that at Rogers & Brown. If there’s a trait that my coworkers all have in common, it’s selflessness. Everyone really cares about their job, their tasks, and their teams. We go out of our way to help each other.

“Rogers & Brown goes out of their way to help me, so I go out of the way to help our employees. It’s a fair trade.”

Marta Williams
Pricing Specialist and Rate Queen

Relationships That Endure

In my time at Rogers & Brown, I’ve learned that the best reinforcement of a job well-done is a long standing customer relationship. It’s very joyful when customers return to us. It means that our hard work didn’t go unnoticed, that we provided happiness, satisfaction, and hopefully, furthered them along their path to success.

“To me, repeat business is the best compliment.”

Christopher McGayhey
Import Team Leader and Sailing Master

Room to Grow

We have many customers who are just starting out--new to their industries and new to the business of importing and exporting. These relationships are extremely rewarding. We get to help them along, and then watch them succeed and flourish. Our customers like that Rogers & Brown operates as a small company would. They see that our family culture extends to our customers. We’ll always opt for personal connection over automation.

“I love to see our customers’ products on shelves, knowing that it was once just an idea that started in a small room. To watch our customers grow into successful businesses...that means so much.”

Laura Cone
Warehouse Office Manager

Passion and Purpose

Solving problems before the close of business and being able to come back and do the same thing tomorrow---that feels like true gratification.

“This seems hard to believe now, but when I was a teenager, I felt a little lost. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do in life. When I was about 20 years old, a good friend of mine was working at Rogers & Brown and suggested that I apply. Well, that’s just what I did, and I’m still here. I found a job, a workplace, and a team that I am truly passionate about. I’m met with a challenge every single day, and I love it.”

Bobby Ladson
Forklift Operator and The Preacher

Service of a Lifetime

I’ve spent the last 35 years as a forklift driver at Rogers & Brown. A long time ago, one of my supervisors asked how I make difficult things look so easy. To me, it’s simple. I think that when you love what you do, it all comes naturally. My coworkers come to me for help, like a mentor. I’ve set the bar for the quality of work that’s expected from Rogers & Brown.

“This work takes focus, discipline, and dedication. I love what I do. My greatest reward is my job itself.”

Patti Henslee
Post Entry Specialist, LCB and Best Grandma “Mimi” Ever

Putting Family First

In a sense, I’ve grown up here. I graduated high school at the end of May 41 years ago, and I started working at Rogers & Brown on the first day of June in that same year. Over time, I’ve had mentors who recognized my special qualities and led me into the best roles to suit. I’ve been supported personally, too. When I had to start taking care of my mother, my boss was in a similar situation with her own mom. If at any minute, I had to leave work to help her, I could do just that--no questions asked.

“Many of us at Rogers & Brown have grown up together. We know each other well enough to finish each other’s sentences.”

Lisa Flynn
Human Resources and Horse Whisperer

Creating Ties that Bind

There are 18 people who’ve dedicated multiple decades of their lives to Rogers & Brown--they’ve worked for us since they graduated high school. This speaks volumes about our work environment. No matter how long you’ve been here, there are always new opportunities, new leadership roles, and new benefits. I take the most pride in behind-the-scenes work to better our culture, especially knowing that the happiness of our team impacts the happiness of our customers.

“We protect and uphold our culture. We nurture it like we nurture each other.”


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