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Duty Notification Statement

U.S. Customs and Border Protection regulations, section 111.29 (b) (1) require that we notify importers of the following information.

If you are the importer of record, payment to the broker will not relieve you of liability for Customs charges (duties, taxes or other debts owed Customs) in the event the charges are not paid by the broker. Therefore, if you pay by check, Customs charges may be paid with a separate check payable to the “U.S. Customs Service” which shall be delivered to Customs by the broker. Importers who wish to utilize this procedure must contact our office in advance to arrange timely receipt of duty checks.


Has your company ever thought about using Customs Border and Protection’s (CBP) Periodic Monthly Statement (PMS) service?
Trade account users have the ability to pay for shipments released during the previous calendar month by the 15th business day of the following month, providing a potentially significant cash flow advantage. Some of the benefits include the potential to receive more than 45 days interest-free float on your money, the ability to view statements as they are created (if you are an ACE portal account), and the ability to select either a national or port statement. For additional information about PMS, click here.


In order to get set up using PMS, you will need to obtain your own ACH account and then send us a letter on your company’s letterhead expressing an interest in participating. For more information, please contact sales at [email protected].

We are a certified and validated member of Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism.