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ACE: Questions and Answers

What is ACE?
Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) that will become the system through which the trade community will have to participate in by February 2016.
Rogers & Brown is a participant in Custom’s Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) and is capable of transmitting 100% of eligible entries through ACE.
Important Dates
November 1, 2015
Starting transition period for electronic Cargo Release/Entry & Entry Summaries.
February 28, 2016
All electronic Cargo Release/Entries & associated Entry Summaries as well as 3 PGAs (Participating Government Agencies); FDA – (Food & Drug Administration), NHTSA – (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), APHIS – Lacey (Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service) will be required to be filed through ACE.
July 2016 
Other PGA’s will be required to go through ACE.
October 1, 2016
Use of ACE for all remaining electronic portions of CBP cargo process.
So you may be asking yourself, what does all this mean to me?
Rogers & Brown’s team members will be working behind the scenes so the changes you will notice will be minimal:
  • The 3461 is no longer a valid CBP form. Our plan is to keep the form, but create an addendum to display the extra data being required.
  • If the manufacturer is not the supplier (seller), we will request manufacturer information.
  • The PGA data that will be transmitted to ACE will require more detailed information than previously requested, dependent on the individual agency; and, the Importer should be prepared to submit paperwork that fully supports the transactions (certifying individual name/address/phone/email, declaration signature date, and explicit detail on any PGA related items).
All of our software has been developed, maintained and enhanced by an in-house technology staff which allows us to provide personalized, adaptable and customizable Supply Chain Solutions, by striving beyond with a unified team.
We will continue to monitor any changes regarding ACE and update as new information is available. If you have any questions, you may contact your regular account representative or [email protected].

We are a certified and validated member of Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism.